How Does it work?

BESPOKE DOOR STUDIO have recognized the need for trade clients to be able to select and sell wardrobe doors and wardrobe components to thier clients.

Our mission: To be the go to SITE for TRADE PROFESSIONALS to buy their wardrobe their way to suit their budget

Design & Sizes

There are a few options when it comes to sizes and designing your wardrobe.

For standard sizes:

Use our E-shop to select the products, sizes and colour your require. These wardrobes are usually regular measurements and shapes. Examples can be seen here with our fitting types. 

Standard door sizes:

  • 496mm (to fit 1000mm carcass)
  • 446mm (to fit 900mm carcass)
  • 1946mm (to fit 1950 tall carcass)
  • 2294mm (to fit 2300 tall carcass)

For custom and made to measure sizes:

We do offer a full design, creation, delivery and installation process for those who would like us to oversee the project from concept to finished wardrobe.

Please email and include the below information;

For replacement wardrobe doors:

  • Width of each door
  • Height of each door
  • The finish you require (Raw, Primed, Finished)
  • Size of carcass opening
  • What hinge holes you require (Standard or Ikea Specific)
  • Door design
  • Number of doors

For a fitted wardrobe:

  • Total room width
  • Total ceiling height
  • Number of doors
  • Colour choice
  • Delivery address
  • Fitting type

For a dressing room:

  • Number of walls
  • Door design/s
  • Colour choice
  • Delivery Address
  • A floorplan or drawing

The more pictures the better!

About our products

Once you know your sizes…you can now look to select the products you require or weather you need to email us about a bespoke installation.

We have been in this industry for years and seen a lot of wardrobe projects come and go. This means we have an in-depth knowledge of fitted, bespoke and sliding wardrobe door projects. This has allowed us to refine and adjust the products we offer to fit a very wide array of installations.

We are confident we have everything listed on this website you will need for the majority of your wardrobe projects.

Wardrobe Doors

After delivering 1000s of wardrobe doors across the UK, we have learnt what finish and which designs are loved the most. Yes, we said “love“. We are proud to have designed and developed wardrobe door designs people LOVE. So much so, that independent factories copy our door designs. However, this is the only place you can buy the original.

Carcass and Interiors

All good wardrobes need a solid carcass or wardrobe interior to act as the storage area and structure that everything can be connected too. Essentially, most wardrobe start from how the carcass should be installed, and then the door sizes and trims can be selected.

We offer 2 heights and 2 width options

Carcass height
  1. 1950mm (for ceilings 2000mm – 2300mm tall)
  2. 2300mm (for ceilings 2300mm to 2500mm tall)

Remember you usually have 40 – 120mm adjustment in the carcass legs/feet

Carcass width
  1. 900mm (for odd numbered wardrobe widths)
  2. 1000mm (for even numbered wardrobe widths)
  3. 450mm (to make up space in odd numbered wardrobe widths)
  4. 500mm (to make up space for even numbered wardrobe widths)

Remember you can use end panels and wall scribes to finish the left and right of a wardrobe.

We offer 3 different finishes

  1. Nautral Oak
  2. Grey Oak
  3. Tobacco / Walnut Oak

We supply 3 different internal storage options as a standard

  1. Long Hanging
  2. Double Hanging
  3. Adjustable Shelves

To enquire about shoe trays, draw units, draw dividers please email select the sizes you require but email to discuss.

Manufacture and Production Process

All orders come with a tracking link specific to the project. We communicate our projected delivery date through this tracking link through a dedicated “open orders” email address.

We essentially cut and create everything for the project, once this is done, it goes through our spray booths, once the paint is dry, we wrap, assemble and book a courier.

Delivery Process

All our wardrobes are dispatched from a central location where we quality check each components and double check everything has been created to the required specification.

We work with an array of couriers that specialise in fragile furniture delivery.

For the delivery to go smoothly we need the following details about each project:

  1. The delivery address
  2. The drop off location such as (in a garage, in the master bedroom, leave in the hallway)
  3. If there are people to help offload or not
  4. Will we be carrying items up stairs or not

All components come wrapped so can be stored flat on the floor until the time to install / build the wardrobe comes.

Installation Process

So the wardrobe has been created, delivered and now it needs to be installed. Either we are installing the wardrobe or you will be.

All orders are delivered with a small tin of touch up paint to fill in any areas where the paint has faded during the installation process.

Installed by Just Wardrobe Doors

We have access to a nationwide network of fitters and onsite sprayers. Once we know the project and delivery address, we can quote to install the wardrobe using one of your fitters.

If other items need to be sprayed on site, we can arrange this too.

Installed by you

We will email you 1-2 weeks before the delivery takes place to request the balance and send our fitting instructions.

Our components need to be used in the right way for the installation to go smoothly.